By Sharon Creech

ISBN-10: 0060007281

ISBN-13: 9780060007287

Sooner or later, Mr. Keene referred to as the entire scholars and lecturers jointly and stated, "This is a superb, nice college! any more, let's have tuition on Saturdays too." after which there has been extra. college all weekend. institution at the vacation trips. college in the summertime! What used to be subsequent . . . institution AT evening? So it truly is as much as Tillie to teach her well-intentioned central, Mr. Keene, that although his effective, wonderful university is a superb position, it isn't positive, high-quality to be there forever.

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I-told-you-so was written all over their faces. ” Caramel asked with a grin. “The police caught a dog. ” His father sighed heavily. ” his mother added. Jacket sleeves were on their way up each boy’s arm before she could take another breath. They all mumbled “yes” as they headed to the phone. Caramel dialed the precinct. “Sergeant Hutchinson, please. Yes, tell him it’s Kid Caramel. ” “Kid Caramel. Long time no see,” said the sergeant. ” “I hear you guys caught a stray dog. ” asked the sergeant. “You know me well, sir,” Caramel laughed.

He was eager to get back on the trail of the so-called Raw Raider. He looked at both of Earnie’s parents. ” “Sure, you boys give those books heck,” Mr. Todd said. He laughed and reached for the newspaper. Mrs. Todd gave him a look. “Thanks for a terrific meal, Mrs. Todd,” Kayin added, arranging his dirty dishes into a neat stack. He pushed his chair away from the table and stood. He raced upstairs after Caramel and Earnie. ” Said Mrs. Todd. Her husband examined the table, grinning. “Hmmm. ” He pulled the paper to his face just in time to deflect a balled up paper towel.

All of the bags were full of food. ” Officer Mendez’s nose wrinkled at the thought. ” “Well, um, it up and ran off into the night. ” The bag was torn by what appeared to be teeth. At that moment another shaking citizen walked in the front door. 43 DWAYNE J. ” Sgt. Mendez closed his eyes and sighed. “It’s going to be a l–oo–o–ng night,” he whispered to himself. 44 THE WEREWOLF OF PS 40 Chapter Nine: Contestant Number Two The next day at school during homeroom, Kayin walked in late again. No one paid much attention and classes went on as usual.

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