By Alan Cruse

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This handy-size reference ebook comprises the entire phrases more likely to be encountered in a semester's examine of sociolinguistics. The definitions are transparent, concise and whole, and lots of examples are supplied. extra maps and diagrams supplement the textual content. hugely suggested.

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Sequence ahead -- Preface -- 1. creation and evaluate -- 2. Passive -- three. Affectee arguments -- four. Grammatical functionality altering morphology -- five. Derived nominals -- 6. end -- Appendix A. A compositional semantics for argument heads -- Appendix B. First software of merge -- Notes -- References -- Index.

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Cognitive linguists maintain that a truth-conditional approach cannot give an adequate account of meaning. Cognitive linguistics has close links with cognitive psychology, drawing particularly on work on the structure and nature of concepts. Two scholars have been especially influential in developing this approach: Lakoff and Langacker. coherence see under cohesion vs coherence cohesion vs coherence These are types of connectedness which distinguish texts from random collections of 793 02 pages 001-202 31/3/06 10:19 Page 27 A GLOSSARY OF SEMANTICS AND PRAGMATICS 27 words.

For instance, one or more of the constituent words may have a special sense which only appears in that combination, or in a limited set of related combinations. The following expressions, for instance, are collocations in this sense: a high wind, high seas, high office, have a high opinion of. In each case, the word high has a (different) special meaning, and this meaning is different from the default meaning present in, for instance, a high wall. ) 793 02 pages 001-202 28 31/3/06 10:19 Page 28 A GLOSSARY OF SEMANTICS AND PRAGMATICS committedness (in antonyms) see under polar antonyms common ground This refers to aspects of knowledge that participants in an act of communication assume to be shared and therefore do not need to be spelled out.

G. ). Some turns form natural pairs, known as ‘adjacency pairs’. Examples of these are question and answer, greeting and response greeting, invitation and acceptance or refusal, and apology and acceptance or rejection. conversational implicatures One of two basic types of implicature (the other type being conventional implicatures). Conversational implicatures have four main identifying features: 793 02 pages 001-202 38 31/3/06 10:19 Page 38 A GLOSSARY OF SEMANTICS AND PRAGMATICS 1. They are not entailments, that is, they do not follow logically from what is said.

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