By Taylor Caldwell

ISBN-10: 0385053037

ISBN-13: 9780385053037

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Publish 12 months note: First released 1965

The spirit of historical Rome in its final days of glory. The hero of the tale, the fellow known as "a pillar of iron" is Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer-statesman who attempted vainly to save lots of the republic he enjoyed from the forces of tyranny. Unfolding listed below are the non-public dramas in the back of the good Roman hero's triumphs and defeats - and the intimate, deeply relocating tale of his determined love affair with the attractive Livia.

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He was her image, even if he lacked her composure. Her relatives visited her, including her parents. Her mother swore that were it not for a certain masculine \'igor the child could have been her daughter, Helvia, at birth. Quintus, roaring in his cradle, sucking prodigiously, and waving little fists and broad strong legs, was a marvel to his older brother. By the time Quintus was a year old the two were dear friends and companions, and Helvia, who approved of family spirit, was pleased. She did not feel any twinge of jealousy when Quintus appeared to prefer Marcus above others in the house, including herself.

W'v were altout to rrtum to the Ikmim'. " slw said in a forbidding voUt'. She l>rgaii to of glee, A i8 Pillar of Iron who was embracing his hand on the child's damp curls. He longed to be alone with his son and kiss him as no stalwart Roman should kiss a child, particularly a male child, and he wanted to press liim to liis narrow breast and pray for him silently as he held him. And why not? he thought, as Lira swayed heavily toward him. He felt a rare anger and repugnance. He said, "It may be that the Lady Helvia needs your assistance, Lira.

Then he sc<)wlerf

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