By Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson

ISBN-10: 0901282944

ISBN-13: 9780901282941

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Hence, the once heated debate about social control between members of the medical and the sociological discourses has abated. A consensus is achieved: tranquilliser use is identified as an emergent social problem but not a gendered problem. Most importantly, the social problem is tacitly the female psychotropic drug user. We contend that women tranquilliser users receive little benefits, if any, from being labelled a social problem, with deviant implications. ) In the final analysis, women tranquilliser users with their attributed status as a social problem become, now more than The medical and sociological discourses 29 ever before, open to public surveillance.

Recently, the work of Michel Foucault (1975) has inspired sociologists to interpret critically developments in public health and community medicine (Armstrong 1983) and the social perceptions of the body (Turner 1984, 1992; Frank 1990; Daly 1990; Martin 1989; Butler 1993; Shilling 1993) from a social constructionist perspective. 42 Gendered Moods In psychotropic drug research, the social constructionist view has been advanced mainly in British studies. Two major themes appear in these studies. g.

1983:132–3). Much of the early survey research on users of psychotropics took the ‘women-are-expressive’ hypothesis for granted. This hypothesis became in itself an explanation for gender differences in use rather than an hypothesis to be tested. Applying sex-role theory to explain gender differences in psychotropic drug use has resulted in a number of conceptual problems. First, and most strikingly, although sex-role theory provides an adequate description of gender differences in psychotropic drug use, it takes gender roles as given categories, including the specific attitudes and problems attached to these categories.

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