By Silvan S. Schweber

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In a comparatively easy presentation that is still on the subject of accepted recommendations, this article for upper-level undergraduates and graduate scholars introduces sleek advancements of quantum box theory. "Combines thorough wisdom with a excessive measure of didactic skill and a pleasant style." — Mathematical Reviews. 1961 edition.

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Will become redefined and relativity will lead to an entirely new physics. The new physics has an effect at the ordinary level of experience through the relation E = mc2 whereby it is the tiny changes in relativistic mass that are expressed as everyday kinetic energy so that the whole of physics is related to "relativistic" reasoning rather than Newton's empirical ideas. Momentum In physics momentum is conserved within a closed system, the law of conservation of momentum applies. Consider the special case of identical particles colliding symmetrically as illustrated below: The momentum change by the red ball is: The momentum change by the blue ball is: The situation is symmetrical so the Newtonian conservation of momentum law is demonstrated: Notice that this result depends upon the y components of the velocities being equal ie: .

02 was. However his apparatus was a prototype, and had experimental errors far too large to say anything about the aether wind. For a measurement of the aether wind, a much more accurate and tightly controlled experiment would have to be carried out. The prototype was, however, successful in demonstrating that the basic method was feasible. A Michelson interferometer He then combined forces with Edward Morley and spent a considerable amount of time and money creating an improved version with more than enough accuracy to detect the drift.

Although Michelson and Morley went on to different experiments after their first publication in 1887, both remained active in the field. Other versions of the experiment were carried out with increasing sophistication. Kennedy and Illingsworth both modified the mirrors to include a half-wave “step”, eliminating the possibility of some sort of standing wave pattern within the apparatus. Illingsworth could detect changes on the order of 1/300th of a fringe, Kennedy up to 1/1500th. Miller later built a non-magnetic device to eliminate magnetostriction, while Michelson built one of non-expanding invar to eliminate any remaining thermal effects.

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