By Susan J. Napier

ISBN-10: 1403970513

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This re-creation of the groundbreaking renowned e-book is a must have for either professional and new enthusiasts of anime. jap animation is extra renowned than ever following the 2002 Academy Award given to Hayao Miyazaki's lively Away. It proven that anime is greater than simply kid's cartoons, frequently portraying very important social and cultural issues. With new chapters on lively Away and different fresh releases, together with Howl's relocating Castle--Miyazaki's most modern hit movie, already breaking files in Japan--this variation often is the authoritative resource on anime for an exploding industry of audience who need to know extra.

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14 Although it would be impossible to say for certain how much today's animators are consciou sly influ enced by the visual trove of their traditional culture, it seems safe to say that their cultu re's tradition of pictocentrism is definitely an in flu ence behind the ubiqui­ tousness o f anime and manga . Certainly some images from earlier periods would not seem out of place in contemporary anime or manga. Anyone who has seen Hokusai's as tonishing 1 824 print, The Dream of the Fisherman s Wife, which depicts a naked woman lying back with two octopuses sucking her genital area and her mouth while their tendrils coil around her body, canno t help but make a connection between that and th e no torious "tentacle sex" scenes occurring in some of anime's more sadistic pornography Grotesque images of this sort were particularly common in works from the so-called Bakumatsu (end of the shogunate) and Meij i periods 0 868- 1 9 1 2 ) transitional epo chs when Japan was opened to a tidal , wave of Western influence at the same time as the culture struggled to preserve its traditions .

Despite some lacks in the social and environmental infra­ stru cture, the standard o f living is high , the citizenry is exceptionally well educated, and 90 percent of Japanese consider themselves "mid­ dle clas s . " I ts arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, are renowned around the world. It is the only Asian country to have two N obel Prize winners in literature . During the 1 9 80s it seemed that Japanese society, with its superb bureaucracy, efficiently func tioning government, and high technological expertise existed as a utopian 28 * ANIME FROM A KI RA T O H O W L ' S M O V I N G C A S TL E alternative to what many perceived as the corrupt and decadent societies o f the West.

In the case of Tetsuo, he sometimes resists the transformation but also at times nihilistically glories in it, and ultimately asserts his monstrous new identity unflinchingly at the film's end. Ranma's reaction to his transforming body is very different. He continually denies it, searching for a return to "normality" that is forever comically (but perhaps for him tragically) elusive. Although each anime can and should be enjoyed for its own brilliance, they are also interesting as implicit comments on japanese society.

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